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Weather Information Sites

My Facebook Page - See My Posted Photos

 Ferd's Personal Weather Site - Installed 7/18/2015  

Do Not Call Me List

""Updated""  Scotts Valley Water District Weather Station 

Scotts Valley Senior Center Newsletter Page

New Weather Site - You Will Like It 

California Traffic Map by CalTrans 

Scotts Valley Rainfall 1992 to Date

Flight Map Lookup You have to see this One 

Doplar Radar for Scotts Valley Area

Demographics for Scotts Valley Area

Doplar Radar in Motion for Scotts Valley Area

 PG&E Outage Map

Doplar Radar for San Francisco Bay Area

How Safe is My Password - Check it out

National Weather Service for Bay Area

Foreign Language Translator

Santa Cruz County Air Quality Updated 9-13-2020

The Universal Currency Converter

San Lorenzo River Level

Convert Any Measurement

Santa Cruz County Fire Report New 11-13-2018

Post Office ~ Find a Zip or the Cost to Send a Package

USGS Earth Quake Map   New 1-16-2021



Whale Watching and Information

These May Make or Save You Money

 Blue Ocean Whale Watch  

See If You Have Unclaimed Property in California

See Fran the Whale I named after my Wife 

See If You Have Money Coming to You  

Monterey Bay Buoy

FREE Credit Report Check! You Should Do This

Monterey Bay Marine Forcast  

How to Avoid SCAMS

Santa Cruz County Air Quality

Buying or Selling a Car ~ Try This One Out


Medicare Insurance and Part D Drug Plan Lookup



Just for Fun Fun Fun

Network or Computer Related Sites

The World Fact Book

AT&T Speed Check of your Internet Connection

How Stuff Works Turn Off Pop Ups First

Google Maps with Satellite

The Census Bureau

Microsoft at Your Service

EBay Auctions - You Have to Try this out

Check Out Santa Cruz Co. Food Service

A Trip to Aloha !


Famous Birthdays


San Diego - Visit the Pandas


Scotts Valley Senior Center


More Links to Great Sites


Try Out this Card Game




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